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Carriage House Catering & Events Management

“Committed to Excellence”

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no pricing on your website. Can you email me pricing?

Yes, provide the venue and let us know what type of event you are having, and we will be happy to email you pricing.

What do you include in your pricing?

All events are unique and can be customized to your needs. However, our standard full service pricing includes white china plates, silverware, napkins, cake plates and fork, cake cutting, tablecloths for all tables, food service items for buffet.

What information do you need to request an estimate?

Please include Your Name, Telephone Number, Event Date, Type of Event (wedding, corporate, social) Start Time/End Time, Estimated Number of Guests, Location and Menu/Food Items you are most interested in.

Do you offer tastings? Do you charge for tastings?

Yes, we offer tastings for up to 4 people on an individual basis. Upon scheduling your tasting email us the specific menu you are most interested in. We will do our best to accommodate your requests however we are not a restaurant and do not stock all ingredients. Therefore, some items may not be available for tastings. All tastings are prepared specifically for you on an individual basis. Also, be sure to let us know if you have any allergens or if you are a vegan or vegetarian. No, we do not charge for tastings. We offer one complimentary tasting.

When do you offer tastings?

All tastings are individual and specific to your desires and are scheduled on a case by case basis. Saturday’s are the most requested day and are often accommodatable, however we may not be able to schedule a Saturday tasting because we must give our undivided attention and focus to our clients that have booked their event with us. Preferred days are Tuesday and Wednesday between 12:00- 6:00 p.m.

How many events do you do in one day?

There are many logistics involved for each event. We can cater more than one event on a given day, but we do have limited resources. If we cannot cater your event to the best of our ability we will not accept the job.

What do you need to reserve my date? When should I reserve my date?

For Weddings and Social Events we require the signed agreement and deposit. We book up quickly and work on a first come, first serve basis. As soon as you know you want us, reserve your date.

What is the deposit amount? Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is 25% of your Estimate and is non-refundable. The deposit is applied to your invoice.

When is the guest count due? Can I change my guest count?

The final guest count is due 10 days before your event. Your final guest count will determine the final event cost. Yes, you can change your guest count.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and all types of credit cards. Checks can be mailed and made payable to Carriage House Catering (always include your event date). Credit card payments can be paid directly from a link we send you or we can process the credit card.

Do you provide bartenders?

Yes, when we cater your event we offer professionally trained bartenders.

Do you provide the liquor?

No, since we do not have a liquor license, we cannot provide any alcohol. If this is a private event and if the venue allows it, you will be required to provide the alcohol.

Can you do a cash bar?

NO, we cannot take cash, but we can take drink tickets.

How long are your services? Can I purchase extra time?

We offer up to 4 hours of party time. For most full-service events, we arrive 3 hours prior to event start, 4 hours of party time, 1 hour for clean up totaling 8 hours. Yes, you may purchase extra time for our services. This is quoted on an individual basis.

What do the servers/wait staff do?

Our staff arrives at the location, unloads our vehicle and sets up any food stations and/or buffet, drink station and bar. Throughout the evening, the staff will prepare required food items, replenish buffet, pick up plates/glasses, empty trash, execute time line, set up tables and chairs If previously agreed upon, clean up venue as directed, load vehicle at end of night and leave venue as we found it.

Do I need to tip the servers? Who do I give the tip to?

Gratuity is not included in our pricing and is appreciated at your discretion. The Event Manager will distribute the tip to each server.

Do you need a kitchen to cater our event?

No, we are self-contained and are capable of catering just about anywhere. We do however, need a staging area. This is an area where we keep our equipment.

Do you do site visits?

Yes, after reserving your date for most full-service events we require a site visit if we have not catered there.

Why do you want to know my budget?

If you have a limited budget, it is important for us to know so we can potentially customize your menu and offer different solutions to get you close to your budget. It is important to communicate your expectations for your special day! This will also expedite the time and planning you put into your event.

Can you prepare an entirely Gluten Free Menu? Is it more expensive for Gluten Free menu?

Our Chef’s are happy to provide an entirely Gluten Free menu for your event at no additional charge.

I have 1 guest that is Vegan/Gluten Free/Vegetarian, do you offer a meal for them?

Yes, upon finalizing your menu and guest count let us know you have a guest that requires a special meal and the chef will select and prepare their meal.

Do you offer Vendor Meals?

Yes, we offer Vendor Meals at 1⁄2 price.

Is the buffet self-serve? For carving stations, is the carver included?

Yes, the buffet is self-serve. Yes, the carver is included when you have a carving station.

What do you do with leftover food from my event?

All food from the buffet is packaged for you, in bulk. We provide either styrofoam to-go containers and/or aluminum disposable pans. Due to our insurance liability, any food packaged up for you is at the discretion of the Event Manager.

May I schedule a meeting with you to discuss my event?

Please do! We welcome your phone call anytime to answer any questions you may have and to help plan your Special Event!!

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